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Great customer service and knowledgeable employees makes wilderness way one of the best places on the Kenai Peninsula to find the outdoor gear that is right for you.


A very good selection of fly fishing gear for the kenai river and surrounding waters keeps wilderness way competitive with the bigger box stores! Working close with local guides and getting on the water too keeps the stores fly selection up on what is actually going on on the river.


Wilderness way outfitters is located in the heart of the kenai peninsula in down town Soldotna. This is one of my favorite shops in the state of Alaska for quality fishing camping and hunting gear.  The fly fishing section has grown into a big part of the shop so if you are looking for some good information on what is happening in the kenai river or are in Need of some quality equipment I highly recommend stopping in.  They also have good knowledge of the area and are willing to share information on some great hikes and hike in fishing on the kenai peninsula.

You can also check them out online at www.wildernessway.com

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