Timing your Kenai River Fishing Trips

Drifting on the FlyDRIFTING ON THE FLY

Timing your Kenai River fishing trips:

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So you want to fish Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, but you’re not sure when the right time is for king salmon fishing. What about silver salmon or rainbow trout? Check out the chart below! This will give you a general guideline of when your targeted fish is swimming up stream!

After you have decided which species to fish for, give us a call to get a more detailed description of exactly when the fish are running at their peaks and your perfect time to come! Your guide has years of experience and an in depth knowlege of the area rivers, and will have an open discussion for which time is best for the fishing you desire.



While heading down the river, you will not only be fishing for your desired species, but you will also get a scenic float (including wildlife at times). If fishing from a boat is not your cup of tea and you want an experience set in the wilderness, we suggest trying a fly out fishing trip. Depending on which fish you decide to target, your guide will choose the best location in which to target them.

Either way, if you have a specific fish in mind or set dates, call us today to discuss your options and see what Drifting On The Fly can do for you!