Drifting on the Fly Blog

Just like fall leaves changing colors, there’s a change in the guard of fish. Vibrant colors shine boldly on the trees as do the stunning colors of our rainbow trout! Kenai River is known for producing some of the largest rainbow trout around! They have such a beautiful sheen and color to them, that’s it’s hard not to love fighting these beauts on the rod!

Unlike salmon, rainbow trout do not spawn and die off but continue to grow larger and beefier over time. Because we enjoy fishing for bows, we practice ‘catch & release’.

If you’ve been thinking about coming down to the Kenai Peninsula this fall, give us a call so we can hook you up with these beautiful rainbow trout!

And just as a sidenote…..since Christmas is coming soon in the next few months, we also like to provide guests with the option to have a replica made of their trout (or any other species) they catch! All fish replica mounts are done in house and by your guide – Scott! (Call for pricing)

Hope to see you soon! Happy fishing!