Kenai River King Salmon Fishing


Guided Kenai River King salmon fishing season ends when July is over!  Don’t miss out on a great way to spend a day or two on your Alaska vacation to the Kenai Peninsula.



The Chinook salmon, also commonly called the king salmon is the largest of all 5 pacific salmon.  In Fact the world record was caught right here on the Kenai River, weight in at just over 97 pounds, and nearly 5 feet long!  The Kenai river is renowned for its huge king salmon but they don’t come without a fight.

All our guests will step aboard either our immaculate 20 foot Willie predator power boat or our 20 foot Willie drift boat; both providing ample room to move around when a big King Salmon is running up and down the river.  many guests have asked “will I know when a king salmon takes my line?” and the answer is yes you will defiantly know!  The rod will nearly bend over in half, giving clear indication that something big has come along.  When the rod finally bends over, the excitement heightens and everyone is charged to get the king to the boat.  For many, it is an epic achievement to land one of these behemoths, and when it does happen, everyone celebrates with the same enthusiasm!

have you ever had the desire to go Kenai River king salmon fishing?  We’d love to have you join us and see if just possibly one day some lucky person will catch that next world record!

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