Kenai peninsula steelhead fishing


One of my favorite things to do on a day off is to hit up the kenai peninsula steelhead fishing.  We have a few hours to drive and catch up after a long fishing season and reflect. We arrive in the parking lot and there are a few anglers still out but not many, get our waders on and hit the river. The weather is defiantly colder now and the fishing has been so good. Soon after we start we hit the first fish and another in just a few hours we took a break and talked about how good of a day we were having. We nymph fished all day and between the two of us were able to dredge up almost two dozen fish.  In Alaska I have had quit a few days where over a dozen fish were landed in the party but we haven’t had to many days where a couple dozen fish were landed.  This is truly a special place and Here are a few pictures of some Kenai peninsula steelhead.


A good high stick will keep less line on the water and your drift drag free.  Doing this will bring you more strikes during your fishing trip.


Keeping steady pressure on a fish will give you less chances of the hook falling out.


Scott Sager with a nice kenai peninsula steelhead


Most of our walk and wade steelhead fisheries on the Kenai peninsula close to fishing on nov.1 this year. If you need a last minute fix make sure to give us a call, I would love to share a day like this with you as well.

Tight lines
Scott Sager