Kenai Peninsula Steelhead Fishing Guide


Looking for a Kenai Peninsula Steelhead Fishing Guide?

Kenai Peninsula Steelhead Fishing Guide trips will give you a greater chance at success on these hard fighting fish.  We have spent much of our time studying and fishing the local Kenai Peninsula steelhead fishing water.  The 3 main rivers on the Kenai Peninsula that we fish for steelhead are the Kasilof river, the Anchor river, and Deep Creek.  All 3 rivers have great fishing opportunities for sizable steelhead, dolly varden, king salmon and silver salmon.

kenai peninsula steelhead fishing guide


Kasilof River Steelhead fishing

We will start our kenai peninsula steelhead fishing guide trips out on the Kasilof river.   In early to mid April most years the Kasilof river starts to fish well for steelhead.  There are good wade fishing opportunities in the start of the season and then drift boat fishing opportunities when the ice is cleared from the launch.  The river is shallow at this time of year and fish can be spooky.  Swinging flies, dead drifting nymphs and egg patterns and even casting and striping flies has produced steelhead on the Kasilof river.  Spring steelhead opportunities will last until about throughout the first week in June.  Then the majority of the fish have made their way back to the ocean and will not return until around the first of September.  Fall steelhead fishing on the Kasilof river can also produce a lot of fish.  Kenai Peninsula steelhead fishing guide Trips will be offered until the middle of October when colder weather usually runs us off the river.  Kasilof river steelhead fishing guide trips are offered to both spin and fly anglers.

Anchor river and Deep Creek steelhead fishing

The Anchor river and Deep Creek are also located on the Kenai Peninsula and are walk and wade fishing streams only.  We have explored and fished these rivers for years as well and know them by heart and timing.  Steelhead usually start to show up here in late august but we don’t really start targeting steelhead until the second week in September.  These streams are smaller than the Kasilof river but have produced a lot of fish.  I have seen tides bring in a big push of fish and between a couple of anglers have hooked up on dozens of fish.  Again swinging and nymph fishing will catch fish but egg patterns will dominate.  These fish like resident rainbow trout key in on the salmon spawn and can’t resist the right size and color combination!

kenai peninsula steelhead fishing guide


Booking a Kenai Peninsula steelhead fishing guide trip:

Kenai Peninsula Steelhead fishing guide trips are strictly catch and release and on most waters can not be removed from the water.  We love to pursue steelhead and are happy to show what the kenai peninsula has to offer.  If you are interested in a Kenai Peninsula steelhead fishing guide trip for steelhead give us a call at 907-382-6808 or contact us here!  If you are looking for a good fly selection or gear for fishing the local Kenai Peninsula waters stop by Wilderness Way in Soldotna.


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