Guided Kenai River King Salmon Fishing


Guided Kenai River King Salmon Fishing is one of the options for a trip in June or July.  The Second run of Kenai Kings are almost here now.  The end of June and first of July we start to see the second run filter in with the end of the first run of Kings.  The second run will continue to get stronger the further into July we get.  King Salmon Season closes on the Kenai and Kasilof river at the end of July so if you have a guided kenai river king salmon fishing trip in mind make sure you book soon.



A guided kenai river king salmon fishing trip will start early in the morning, usually meeting around 5:30 am.  You will need a packed lunch, a valid fishing license, a valid king salmon stamp, and rain gear for the day (we can supply rain gear if needed).  On the boat we will have all rods, reels, gear, and bait rigged up and ready to go for you.  We will meet at one of the lower Kenai river boat launches and set out on our day of fishing from there.  Start times and meeting locations are usually set up with a phone call closer to your trip.  Choose from fishing out of a power boat or a drift boat on you trip.

Give us a call at 907-382-6808 or contact us here through the site.