Guided Kasilof River King Salmon fishing

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Guided Kasilof river King Salmon fishing has been very good this week.  Though we are having to work hard for the fish that we do catch. kasilof-king-salmon-fishing-006



These chrome Kasilof river king salmon where caught on the incoming time on both plugs and spin and glows with cured salmon roe.  Tides heavily influence our start times in the morning.  When you are booking a guided kasilof river king salmon fishing trip we will discuss our start times then or we will wait until the time of the trip gets closer to determine the timing of the start.

Pay attention to what the tide is doing and you’ll be sure to find fish moving around.  I’ve found that the incoming tide has produced the best fishing this week.

If you are interested in guided fishing on the Kasilof river this spring for Alaska King Salmon give us a call here at Drifting on the Fly. We have many different types of fishing trips available and are happy to line you up on an experience that would fit your needs.  Kenai river king salmon trips are available as well.

You can reach us at or at 907-382-6808

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