Drifting on the FlyDRIFTING ON THE FLY



This is just one of the patterns I keep in my box for fishing the kenai river.  Often times I will switch my fly every few minutes until I find something that the fish are really keying in on!  This particular pattern has landed many fish for me on the kenai river and many other rivers across the country. 


Rainbow trout on the the Kenai River and other system in Alaska feed on leech patterns aggressively in the spring.  Early trout season on the Kenai river can be a streamer fisherman’s paradise!There are many leech pattern available that will work as well as this one.  Bunny leeches are fast and fun to tie.

For this particular fly you will need:

-black zonker strip
-black dubbing
-black hackle
-copper flash
-lead body wrap, if desired
-lead eyes, if desired

I chose a size 6 streamer hook and a small set of lead eyes for this fly. Colors and sizes can very day by day so when you feel you have enough of one color switch to another.

Give us a call to hook up your next kenai river or many other Alaska fishing trips.

Tight lines,
Drifting on the Fly