Dolly Varden


wayne leslie

Dolly varden guide trips on the Kenai river are available throughout the guide season on the Kenai peninsula and Alaska.  Some of the longer hikes into the Kenai River can produce the best fish.  Also I find that the more effort it takes me to get to the river the less competition I find for my favorite fishing spots.  This particular trail leads us into the middle Kenai River and is three miles from the parking lot.  We are happy to share information with you so give us a call and we will do our best to point you in the right direction.  If a do it yourself fishing trip isn’t something that you are interested in we are happy to take you on a guided trip for any of the species found on the Kenai Peninsula.


The Kenai River offers a variety of species to fish for and dolly varen is one of them.  Year round we can find Dolly Varden in the Kenai River just like this one.  This day was beautiful and a balmy 29 degrees.  Dead drifting the right color egg pattern fooled this fish.


 Dolly Varden in mid February on the middle Kenai River.

Good fishing,
Scott Sager