Brown bear viewing along the Kenai River

Drifting on the FlyDRIFTING ON THE FLY

Brown bear viewing along the Kenai river on a nice fall evening makes for a great trip.


Brown bear viewing along the Kenai River can very interesting.  When the salmon show up in good numbers the bears both black and brown will come down along the Kenai to feed.  Often in the late summer and fall the bears can be seen at anytime of day.  Though like with most animals the best time to view them is in the early morning and the evenings.  These three bears played and fished for a few hours while we fished for rainbow trout.  This gave us plenty of opportunity to take pictures and enjoy them without getting to close.  The bears will usually tolerate boats pulling up at a reasonable distance to take pictures but they are wild animals and they will decide what is to close.  We always respect the wildlife by giving them the space to do what comes natural to them! FISH.  If you are interested in brown bear viewing along the kenai river give us a call and we will try to line up a short trip for you.