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Alaska mouse patterns can be fished in place through out the summer.

Rainbow  Trout on mouse patterns?  This is awesome!  Trout need as many calories as they can consume in the short summers of Alaska.  I’ve seen 10 inch fish take a size 4 mouse pattern, ferociously.  Try dead drifting, swinging, slow or fast strips and you will be sure to have a rainbow on a mouse pattern before long.


Tying this fly weedless is also a good idea.  You can then get your mouse into the brush and retrieve it out without worrying as much about loosing it.

trout on a mouse

I watched my good friend Jeff Murray ( raise at least 15 fish on this mouse pattern in the first half hour of this float.  This fish was caught and released in the fall but you can be sure that it is just as productive in the spring.  Note that not all rivers will produce trout on mouse patterns but most rivers in Alaska will with the right conditions.

I hope to hear stories of you catching rainbow trout on mouse patterns too! It is always fun to raise fish on dry flies and even more fun to fish a dry that you will not have any problems following. give us a call anytime to line up your next Alaska kenai river guide trip.

Have fun tying,
Scott Sager

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